Reviews Of The Tracks And Trails Of Rivington And Local Area


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http://carrerait.com/ – They designed RivingtonPike.com; so if you need a good website you can rely on CarreraIt.

http://www.holidays-revealed.com/- Holidays Revealed have lots of information on places from all over the world; imagine National Geographic just a little more personal.

http://jakeofwinterhill.blogspot.co.uk/ – Full of walks around Rivington and Winter Hill, you will love it if you like RivingtonPike.com

http://www.seantither.t15.org/ – The best website which I have found with information on Wainwright walks.

http://antondotreks.com/ – Great climbing blog, you should see some of the places which he has been to.

http://www.torches2go.co.uk/ – This is the website of Rivington Camping which is a great shop for all of your outdoor needs. It is located in Horwich, well worth a visit.

Restore and Maintain the Terraced Gardens

The Terraced Gardens are a great asset to the local area and hopefully you will agree that it would be a shame to see them go to ruin.

Below is a link to a short survey which you can fill in. The information from this survey will go towards applying for funding to restore and maintain the terraced gardens. No personal details are need to fill in the survey and it should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

We will keep you up to date with the funding application.

Thank you for your help.


Survey: http://tinyurl.com/rivington

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Mountain Bikers on Top of The Pike


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Rivington Pike and Winter Hill from the Air

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