My New Camera Has Arrived

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Up to today I have been using the Fujifilm Finepix S, this camera has been around the world and up Rivington a fair few times. The camera has been a great camera but over recent months I have felt that it has begun to slow down, this is probably because it has taken over 12000 photos, been used in freezing temperatures and in 40degree heat. So I felt that it was time to upgrade, I wanted to go for something with interchangeable lenses but I don’t have the budget for a full on SLR so I went for the Olympus Pen EP3. To buy from a shop they are quite overpriced but I got a great deal on mine from eBay. It has arrived today and so far for the half hour or so which I have played around with it, it seems great. I will take it up Rivington as soon as possible so that I can test the camera in better light conditions, I’ll add the photos and then write a quick review of the camera.

Sadly as the site administrator I feel that it would be wrong (plus a little biased) for me to enter the photography competition but the contest will open for everyone else in a few days time.

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