Track Your Cycling, Walking and Running Workouts

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TweetThis app and website may be of interest to a fair number of RivingtonPike.com users as it allows you to track your walk, runs and bike rides as well as giving you an estimate for calories burned, altitude and speed. I am not a user of the site myself however it has had multiple positive reviews. I am aware of there being a free version as well as a paid version. This page explains the differences between the free, pro and premium versions: http://www.endomondo.com/features Visit the site here if you are interested in signing up to the free version: http://www.endomondo.com/login Please...

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Adlington Circular Walk

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TweetI decided to make the most of the sun today and head out for a walk. There is an Adlington Circular Walk signposted around however this is instead the ‘RivingtonPike.com Adlington Circular Walk’. Not necessarily better; just different. This is a great walk to go on if you live in Adlington and want a fair length walk without the terrain of going up Rivington. It takes in the sights of Upper and Lower Adlington, a stretch to the Leeds to Liverpool Canal as well as Anderton and the edge of Rivington. Below is a map showing the walk. Click to enlarge   The walk takes you...

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Gregory’s Farm Adlington

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TweetIf you head up Rawlinson Lane in Adlington you will come onto Bolton Road, if you turn right and continue going for a hundred metres or so there will be a turning on your left which takes you to a farm which I believe to be called Gregory’s Farm. Although it doesn’t look like it, there is actually a public footpath running through the farm which takes you up by Chorley Golf Course. If you like Geocaching there are also a few to be found around this...

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Walks Through Adlington

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TweetI have lived in Adlington for around 5 years now and only recently have I discovered some of the rural walking and cycling routes which Adlington has. I discovered the area through Geocaching.com and I will be sharing some of the walks over the next few weeks. The area is in between Chorley Road (Adlington top road), Babylon lane, Long lane and Chorley Golf Course. They provide some good views of Rivington as well as serving as a short cut to reach the Rivington area. Walks on RivingtonPike.com are sponsored...

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Organised Walk in Chorley This Sunday (19th May 2013)

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TweetA guided walk has been organised by Chorley Council on Sunday 19th May 2013 starting at the Yarrow Country Park visitors centre at 10am. You can find more information here: http://www.chorleycitizen.co.uk/news/10421812.12_mile_walk_is_open_to_all/

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Walk Up To Jubilee Tower

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TweetI have been very short of time over the recent weeks hence there having been few posts than normal. I should be back posting every couple of days in a month or so but in the mean time I will be sharing things which have been posted elsewhere. This walk is at: http://jakeofwinterhill.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/darwen-tower-earnsdale-reservoir.html and it should be a great one to do what with the recent improvements in the weather. It is worth revisiting http://jakeofwinterhill.blogspot.co.uk/  as they regularly add new walks and photos to the...

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