Get’s Goat Part Two!

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Tweet Hi all… Further to my other post about things getting my goat, well there’s more. I ventured up onto Winter Hill, on what was a rather breezy Sunday morning, just out for a few hours to help with the lager excess from the night before. Made my way onto Belmont Road heading for Noon Hill, and the ridge path up to the “aerial farm” @ Winter Hill summit. In the distance I could see and hear some prat with his off road motorbike tearing up the hillside! Now given the signage that has appeared regarding the use of mechanically propelled vehicles, within the access...

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Really Gets My Goat!

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TweetMonday 26/05/2014. Decided to take a walk, as it has been a while since I last ventured to Winter Hill. I was shocked is all I can say, at the wanton vandalism and disregard for our favourite area. New fencing damaged, disgarded building rubble, old BBQ’s with food still attached, and the removal of stone work, no doubt for someone’s patio. We are free to walk and cycle and enjoy the Rivington and Winter Hill area, because the land owner allows us to, ie it’s access land. Having witnessed the damage and distruction, how much longer will the landowner put up with the...

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Photography Competition Winner To Be Announced on Friday

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TweetLocal photographer Chris Carter has judged to Top 3 Photography Competition Entries and has decided on the winner as well as providing pointers to the two runners up. Chris takes professional photos all over the world and after having a look at this personal photos HERE I think you will agree that he is a very worthy judge of the competition. Along with Mathers of Lancashire who sponsored the competition and are providing a canvas for the winner as well as 25% off canvas printing to anyone who mentions when ordering, Chris Carter has started to advertise on the...

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Photography Competition Top 3 Photos

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TweetIn this post we will reveal the top 3 photos which were entered into the photography competition as decided by us here at The winning photo will be decided by local photographer Chris Carter. The competition has been sponsored by Mathers of Lancashire who are providing a canvas for the winner. In conjunction with the competition Mathers are also offering 50% off all canvas printing as well as a 10% discount on binoculars. Choosing the top 3 was very difficult as we had many great entries however we feel that the 3 chosen photos are best representative of the title...

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Adlington Circular Walk

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TweetI decided to make the most of the sun today and head out for a walk. There is an Adlington Circular Walk signposted around however this is instead the ‘ Adlington Circular Walk’. Not necessarily better; just different. This is a great walk to go on if you live in Adlington and want a fair length walk without the terrain of going up Rivington. It takes in the sights of Upper and Lower Adlington, a stretch to the Leeds to Liverpool Canal as well as Anderton and the edge of Rivington. Below is a map showing the walk. Click to enlarge   The walk takes you...

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Gregory’s Farm Adlington

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TweetIf you head up Rawlinson Lane in Adlington you will come onto Bolton Road, if you turn right and continue going for a hundred metres or so there will be a turning on your left which takes you to a farm which I believe to be called Gregory’s Farm. Although it doesn’t look like it, there is actually a public footpath running through the farm which takes you up by Chorley Golf Course. If you like Geocaching there are also a few to be found around this...

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