Gregory’s Farm Tractor Photos

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TweetHere are some of the photos which I took in Gregory’s Farm in Adlington. Adlington does not have its own biosphere; the reason for the snow is that the photos were taken a few months ago and I have just got round to uploading them. The original post about Gregory’s Farm can be found here: http://rivingtonpike.com/gregorys-farm-adlington/ All photos on RivingtonPike.com are sponsored by Mathers of...

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Website Update Plans

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TweetWe mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that we had some big updates planned for the website; below is a short list of some of the things we have in mind, not everything is guaranteed to go ahead but it is likely that the majority of the things below will happen over the next few months. We plan to remove Google Ads from the site; they make the site look slightly messy, we plan on replacing them with local, useful adverts such as Mathers of Lancashire who are currently adverting with us. We aim to get a better archive system, currently RivingtonPike.com is too blog like; it is too...

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Rivington Pike Easter Friday 2013

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Tweet(If you need a camera last minute why not visit Mathers of Lancashire, we have a link to their site in the sidebar to the right)   Tomorrow is Easter Friday and for years it has been a tradition to go for a walk up to Rivington Pike on Easter Friday. We are looking to collect photos from as many people as possible of The Pike and/or other related things taken on Easter Friday. If you would like to share your photos please make an account on RivingtonPike.com on the Sign In/Register tab. Once logged in you should be taken to the dashboard, if you are not simply click your username on...

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TweetI have only recently found out about Geocaching and although I haven’t found many caches yet I have really enjoyed doing it. If you are unsure of what Geocaching is Click Here My username is Rivington should you wish to add me as a friend on the site. I plan on placing a few Geocaches around the local area; I will post a link to them when they are placed. If you have placed any Geocaches or have any recommendations please feel free to make a post and share them.  

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Winter Hill Paragliding Video

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TweetThis is a video of a paraglider on Winter Hill, after watching this I’d like to do it myself. This video was made by: http://www.youtube.com/user/jamiefly?feature=watch

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Rivington and Anglezarke Video

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TweetThis video was made by: http://www.youtube.com/user/RailMon?feature=watch

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