Get’s Goat Part Two!

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Hi all…

Further to my other post about things getting my goat, well there’s more.

I ventured up onto Winter Hill, on what was a rather breezy Sunday morning, just out for a few hours to help with the lager excess from the night before. Made my way onto Belmont Road heading for Noon Hill, and the ridge path up to the “aerial farm” @ Winter Hill summit.

In the distance I could see and hear some prat with his off road motorbike tearing up the hillside!

Now given the signage that has appeared regarding the use of mechanically propelled vehicles, within the access area. It would seem they are there for show, because it’s quite plain to see these morons will not be caught. If they ever are, they will have their machines confiscated and crushed. I look forward to the day.

That’s the first rant over with.

My second gripe of the day is…… dog poo!

I love seeing dogs on the hills enjoying themselves along with their owners. As all responsible owners do, their dogs are under control and cleaned up after, and that’s brilliant to see. But why oh why go to all the effort to clean up after your pets, and then throw the bloody bags into the trees, or even worse hang them on the barbed wire fence like some kind of trophy. The lower car park below the pigeon loft being one of the ¬†worst places. Poo wrapped in a plastic bag will hang around for quite a considerable time. Oh! but you expect somebody will remove it eventually, like the council.

No people it is your duty to remove the waste, to either a bin nearby or take home and bin it!

poo fairy

My comments are wholly based on my observations, as with allsorts of things, the vast majority of people do as they should do, and tow the line, it’s that small number that can’t be arsed. After all the energy they have expended on enjoying the Pike and the Hill, they can’t expend just a little more and keep the place clean and tidy!

It’s not my intention to offend, i’m just telling you as I see it, and i’m sure you do to… I just have the advantage ( thanks to the admin) of being able to post on

More articles to follow….


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