Mountain Biking For Beginners Around Rivington

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There are many people who regularly go cycling around Rivington  who are very experienced riders, there are also many people who would love to go around Rivington on a bike but choose not to as they do not really know what to expect.

When I first went cycling around Rivington on a bike I wasn’t a very experienced cyclist but I was willing to give it a try. I had a heavy framed bike with little suspension but I thought I’d give it a try. All I took with me was my phone and a bike helmet both of which I would highly reccomend bringing. I set off from Adlington way to get up so I had gone quite a way before I’d even started.

I struggled with this route but I think any cyclists going up Rivington for the first time will hopefully like it as there is not too much uphill or downhill cycling.

Firstly when you get into Rivington village coming from past the resevoirs head up Sheep House Lane for a few hundred metres until you have a gate on your right, go through the gate and it will take you out at Rivington Barn.

From there keep going along the track past the car park round to the back of the barn. There wil be a large gate heading upwards to the left of you. Go through the first gate rather than the others further round.

This path isn’t the easiest surface to cycle on so you may end up walking some of the distance.

Keep heading up and keep to the main path, don’t go over the grass path, keep to the right.

Keep going round until there is a large steep path to the left, head up there which will take you onto the first level of the pike. Don’t expect to cycle up here if you have not done much cycling experience as it is quite steep.

At the top there is a gate, you will have to lift your bike over the gate unless your bike is very small in which case it will fir through the gate.

From there turn right, this is quite a bumpy track but it is just about cyclable for beginners.

Keep going for quite a way, round the corner until there is a stone archway and a large set of steps through that archway. I’m sorry to say that the fastest way up to the pike is up the steps I am doubtful that you will be able to cycle up the steps so you will have to go up. Whenever I have to go up these steps I take my bike over the wall to the right and cycle up through the wooded area to the sides, this still isn’t easier but it is better than pushing a bike up steps.

You will now be on the level before the pike, keep heading up to the pike, you may have to carry your bike over a few fences but you aren’t far off now.

Remember that the pike has a path round the back of it but if you want to recreate my first bike ride you will go up the steps (which by the way I have not been up on a bike since). The top of the pike is a great place to rest and get some photos if you have a camera or a phone with you. When you are ready to go back down go down from the pike head down the same path you came up. From there keep going straight down towards the pigeon tower which is the big tower a level down from the pike.

When you get to the pigon tower there are two roads, the higher one which goes to Belmont and the lower one which goes back to the barn. Go down the lower track.

This track is very difficult, it is locally known as the ice-cream run as there used to be an ice-cream van at the bottom. I would really reccomend taking this slowly and possibly walking some of it, the reason why I suggest that you go down this way is to let you know that this is really the hardest to cycle large track up Rivington so if you can manage this (even if mostly walking) you will be confident enough to keep going up in future.

At the bottom of this track keep heading back down, it will take you onto sheep house lane, keep heading down sheep house lane (I would make a point to say watch out for cars). At the bottom of sheep house lane you will be finished.



This bike ride is not the easiest, you will have to do a fair amount of walking and cycling on difficult tracks. If it gets to difficult then walk whether it be up or down. It may seem a difficult bike ride for beginners but it is designed to show as much of Rivington Pike as possible on a reasonably short bike ride.

We have to warn you about possible injuries and accidents e.t.c We would say that you should wear a helmet and bring a phone with you, a drink and some food is also a good idea. We take no responsability of any injuries which may occur, if you listen to warnings and advice given and you stay within your comfort zone you should be able to stay clear of injuries. We accept that accidents happen but you do these bike rides at your own risk, I go cycling regularly and I have never fallen off so accidents are rare but we need to cover ourselves.

We are looking for some more bike rides to share amongst the Rivington mountain biking community, so if you have any good bike rides around the area then please share them with us on the website. We would also love to read and see any walks and photographs which you may know. Just catagorise and tag it and we will publish it to the website. Feel free to add photos to posts.

Just enjoy the area and share your experiences on the website. To signup and add to the website  follow the links from the signin/signup tab in the top right hand corner on the page. If you have any other questions please contact us at


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  1. Hi, I’m looking for someone to go mountain biking with who’s familiar with Rivington so can show me the ropes as I’m new to the area.

    Please drop me a line if you’re interested.


  2. Hi Peter, I don’t know Rivington very well, however I am looking for a MTB buddy if you fancy getting together for a ride around Rivington and Healey Nabs?

  3. Hi mate, yep definitely sounds good. Went up Rivington on the bike for the first time on Sat, did the Pike and the masts, was a 16 mile trip and took a few hours but was a great day. I’m not as fit as I should be but keen to improve

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