Ride up Rivington

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I have just got back from a mountain bike ride up Rivington. I have started going both up and down the ice-cream run (the road up to the Pigeon Tower which you can access by going up Sheep house Lane and making the first right (not too fart after the cattle grid)). This road is designed for hikers, off road drivers and fairly experienced mountain bikers. It is near enough impossible for me to cycle up here but it provides a really direct way up to the pike. If you are looking for a fast/direct route then this is a great way to go, otherwise I would recommend going up to the top of Sheep House Lane and going right along Old Belmont Road (this will take you out at the Pigeon Tower). This way doesn’tĀ involveĀ much off road stuff but it allows you to cycle the whole way, despite this Sheep House Lane is a difficult hill (for mountain bikers anyway) so it will take longer.


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