Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike is the very centre of this whole website, without it you would not be reading this now. On top of Rivington Pike sits an old shooting hut which belonged to John Andrews, it was built in 1733 and was used for temporary accommodation for John Andrews when he went shooting. The hut used to have a chimney and doors and inside there used to be a fire place, underneath there was a cellar. The hut was due to be demolished in 1967 but there was public uproar and people protested against it, the hut was then restored in 1973 and further restorations will occur whenever they are needed. There should hopefully be no worry of it being demolished today as it is now a grade 2 listed building.

The hut itself has never been used as a beacon but the Pike has been on several occasions such as to mark the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Rivington Pike remains the main attraction of the area and has lead to the common phrase of ‘Goin Up Rivvy’ to be developed. It provides a massive attraction especially on Easter Friday. It’s popularity remains unquestioned, as to why it is so popular, well I’m not sure, despite having made a website about it.

The Shhoting Tower on Top of Rivington Pike.
The Shooting Tower on Top of Rivington Pike.