Short Walk Around Rivington Reservoir

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This is a simple flat walk which is great to do at any time of the year.

If you are arriving by car you are best parking in the car park just after the Rivington Primary School (located on the opposite side of the road to the bowling green, the first right turn on Horrobin Lane after you cross the reservoir. From this small car park there is a small steep pathway (on the right as you enter the car park), just head down this path into a wooded area with a pathway which runs parallel to the reservoir.

If you keep walking through here you will pass Go Ape and rune parallel to the reservoir for most of the walk, just follow the path to reach Liverpool Castle. It is approximately 1.5KM from the car park to the castle. (Liverpool Castle is a castle which Leverhulme built as a replica of the actual ‘Liverpool Castle’.)

From the castle you have several options as to where to go, you can  walk back along the reservoir back to the car park.

Or you could go up a muddy track from Liverpool Castle and the head left which takes you back up to Rivington Lane, from there you can walk left back to the car park (this route is along a road so I would recommend the first option).

There is also a small pathway to the right of Rivington and Blackrod High School if you follow the same path as the line before (straight on then left along a muddy track at the castle until you reach Rivington Lane) but instead of turning left, turn right. Cross the road once you reach the High School (large building with tennis courts at the front). Head up the small path to the right of the school. I will add more details about this walk in a separate walk which will be linked here.

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