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We love content but at the moment we are lacking quite a bit, we have already had one person sign up to add content and we have been live less than a month.

If you are interested in adding content please send us an e-mail at

Content can be about walks or bike rides which you have been on in and around the area. You are not limited to just writing about Rivington Pike, we’d love some walks and rides around Winter Hill, Great Hill and Healey Nab as well.

We are always looking to expand but we want to keep this locally based so please share your knowledge of the area so that others can get enjoyment. We want people to know that this area is for everyone that be hikers, walkers, fell runners, mountain bikers, bmx bikers, photographers and for people who just want to socialise outside. So spread the word write about great places to go and places where you enjoy and open up the area to all people of all ages and let them enjoy it for what it is.

Adding content is simple, just contact us with your desired username, we will make your account (usually within 24 hours). We will send you back a password, you log in at from there you can change your password and fill in more details about yourself (if you wish). We use wordpress to add content so add walks and or bike rides (feel free to include photos). If you need any help using the website or wordpress please contact us via email at or via facebook or twitter (links top right of the homepage).

Things to remember when adding content:

Make it fairly detailed, it does not have to be packed with loads of info (unless that is the aim of the article) nor do you need exact distance measurements but it needs to be clear to the reader where they have to go.

Be polite: This website is for anyone of any age, we do not want swearing, inappropriate language or other inappropriate content including links to other sites. If these are found not only will the article be deleted but your account will. There are plenty of other websites for you to add what you like but not here, this is reserved for walks, bike rides and general friendly discussion about rivington pike and the surrounding area.

Do not post advertising link: We do not mind a link back to your website but we so not want spam, if you would like to advertise on this website please contact us and we can organise a proper advert for you. All links added will be checked, if they are unnecessary or inappropriate they will be deleted (as will possibly the article or your account).

Bear in mind difficulty: Like mentioned previously this website is available to everyone so if this is a difficult walk or bike ride please categorise it as so and mention possible dangers in the article. Here at we want people to enjoy what is on offer but neither we nor any contributors can or will be held liable for any damages which may occur to you or others as a result of trying one of our walks or bike rides.

Plagiarism: Please make sure that all content added is yours or you have permission to use it, once you have submitted something it is on the internet, despite this it is still yours so if anyone copies it without your permission they are braking the law. Once added to the website it is viewable by anyone with internet access so also don’t include too much personal information.

Enjoy yourself: This website is designed to be enjoyed and to be made use of, so add content, share content and invite other users to the website. If you see something inappropriate then please report it so that we can all continue enjoying this website. This website is designed to enhance your walking and cycling experience so make the most of it, Enjoy Rivington and Enjoy Life.

Enjoy   :-)


A picture of Rivington Pike

The shooting tower at the top of Rivington Pike on a really clear day.

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