Up Sheep House Lane To The Pike

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This is quite a difficult bike ride, if you know the area you will know that sheep house lane is very long and steep and you will know that Wilderswood is no the easiest terrain but if you are a competent cyclist you should be able to deal with it.

Start off at the top barn and head past the car park towards sheep house lane and go through the gate which takes you onto sheep house lane, alternativly you could just go up though Rivington up sheep house lane,

Keep heading up sheep house until you reach the top, once at the top you will have Old Belmont Road to the right of you, head down Old Belmont Road. You will know you have gone too far if you pass the carpark at the top and begin to drop down into Belmont.

Keep going along Old Belmont Road, there are no sign posts for it as the road is now basically in disuse but you enter it through a large steel gate. The road has a tendancy of being quite wet, you will have Winter Hill on the right of you as you go along it. It is a relativly long way but there are no real turnings, keep going until you reach the Pigeon Tower which will be on your right.

From the Pigeon Tower keep going straight for a couple of hundred metres until you have two gates on your left and an old toilet block on your right. Head through one of the gates towards the Pike. Keep going in the direction of the Pike and go up to it. I would reccomend using the path round the back but the stairs are also an option. The Pike is often a good resting point and proves a very good place to take pictures which you can add with a walk, bike ride or in the separate photo catagory on http://rivingtonpike.com/

From the pike  head down the back then right at the bottom towards the dog hotel, just in case you don’t know the dog hotel is the only house along that stretch and it is the one with large cages outside which are usually full of barking dogs.   :-)

Keep going past the Dog Hotel towards Wilderswood which is the big wood which you are heading towards.

Just before Wilderswood there is a gate, head through there and down through the woods, (the woods are full of tree roots and nettles so watch out when going down),

At the bottom you carry your bike over a bit of a wall and turn right up a short, steep slope. At the top of the slope you will be heading towards a farm, keep going past the farm,

Keep to your left and you will come onto a housing estate, stay on there for about 50m and take the first right into more woods,

Keep going through the woods and you will come out on the main road through Rivington village, cross the road and head right for a bit, very soon there will be a carpark and a muddy track, go up the mussy track as far as you can go before you go into the resevoir and then turn right towards Liverpool Castle,

Once you are at Liverpool Castle turn right round the back of it then make a fast left down a few steps and you will be on a path paralell to the resevoir, keep going through the woods, you will pass GoApe, keep going any you will eventually arrive back into Rivington Village,

From there turn right and keep to the left, go back up sheep house lane, you will soon make a right turning (a bit after the tea rooms) and you will be back at Rivington Barn.

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