Walking Conditions up Rivington

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We have had a few people searching the site who were wondering how suitable Rivington is to go walking up. In general, as long as you keep to the main footpaths you will not have an issue with going on walks around Rivington. The paths are mostly mud, stone or cobbles so providing that it isn’t too frosty and there hasn’t been too much rain you should be fine. Rivington is a great place for families to go walking, you can go on walks of all different lengths and difficulties. If you are after an easy walk just park at the upper barn and walk straight up to the pike or¬†alternatively you could walk¬†through the woods at the edge of the reservoir. If you are after a more difficult walk then you can quite easily find one by exploring further a field.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask: info@rivingtonpike.com

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