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We mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that we had some big updates planned for the website; below is a short list of some of the things we have in mind, not everything is guaranteed to go ahead but it is likely that the majority of the things below will happen over the next few months.

  • We plan to remove Google Ads from the site; they make the site look slightly messy, we plan on replacing them with local, useful adverts such as Mathers of Lancashire who are currently adverting with us.
  • We aim to get a better archive system, currently is too blog like; it is too difficult to find posts from a few months back without using the search bar. Some things such as this post: from April 2012 do not need to be archived as they provide no further use or information to anyone. Where as a post like this:, end up getting lost amongst everything else. We may create a gallery or possibly just a page with link to photo, another for walks, another for rides e.t.c.
  • We plan on doing more competitions. The last photography competition went well, you can view the winners here: This time we plan on displaying all entries on the site as we think that your photo should be seen if you took the time to enter it into a competition. We have plans to make our next photo competition a ‘Local Wildlife’ one and this should hopefully go ahead June/July time.
  • We also have an idea to have an Art Competition, not sure how popular this idea will be or whether we will receive many entrants but the theme would be on ‘Local Art’ (keep it general). A local artist has mentioned that she would be interested in judging pieces and giving a prize to the winner. We will create a poll to gauge interest on this one .
  • We would like to categorise images better (as mentioned above), a page with links would be good but even better would be a map, the map would be of the ‘Rivington Area’ and we would have markers on the map to mark specific landmarks e.g. Pigeon Tower and The Terraced Gardens. If you click the specific marker the corresponding page will be loaded up and that page will contain pictures, information and links to everybody’s posts about that place. This isn’t something which can be done with basic WordPress plugins so it may take a while to develop but hopefully we should get it done.
  • We also want to increase website interactivity, we spend a lot of time on Twitter: but we would like to do more to get more interactive. We would like to get the Forum properly up and running, we may look to putting one on a separate domain as the WordPress plugin forums aren’t brilliant. We would also like a more simple way for people to share their photos.
  • If anyone has any other ideas please contact us through our Twitter account or at

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