Wilderswood to Rivington Pike to Two Lads

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This is one Jake’s Favorite runs, This is our first post on here, It is a great privilege to be able to contribute to a website and I do hope you get to know the area and contribute to this site as well!

Now for people who dont know Jake,

Jake has his own Blog and this is taken from his Blog.

here is the link to Original


Jake is 8 years old and has autism , he has been running on Winter Hill for just over a year and active on winter hill for 2 years.

The route here goes from Wilderswood along Georges lane to Pike across the open Moors to the two lads,

This is marked as Intermediate -as it crosses open moor , this rating only applies to day and good condition’s,

This open moor area follows a defined path but does have areas of Bog  and areas which are very wet if this is undertaken after rain

There are some other variations , you can take a trip to look at the old mines in Wilderswood  or Tigers Clough, you can extend this upto the mast as well

some Links for Rivington Pike,



from Wilderswood car park the start


the old mine vent !

the mast – the small dot  on the hill to the right are the two lads




looking towards Horwich, wilderswood  several old shafts are in this area !

this is the pike

look carefully you can see a line this is the old tramway !


the Pike


old shaft -see the four posts

looking towards wilderswood and the sportsman’s


climbing towards the pike – Brown hill is to your right here


across the rocks near the top !


can I beat my dad ?

first to the Pike !

can you see the pigeon tower ?

the main path leading to the mast –  we will take the path  to the two lads on the right as a dark line, the dark areas on the path signify bog/wet patches –

running towards two lads away from the pike

two lads is on the right hand side

the pike is in background

I am between Horwich and Chorley! This a boundary wall one of the few walls which come down this side of the Winter Hill range , it has a boundary stone on Georges lane


this is me on top of the two lads





word of caution :

Although Winter Hill is a wonderful “playground” and a place of great
beauty and fascination for many of us, we should always be aware of the
hidden dangers at all times, and do all we can to minimise them.
Unfortunately, many of us like the bleakness and solitude of the place,
and often go wandering around on our own – and at times when there is
perhaps nobody else around on the moors – and in the most appalling
weather conditions! Some would call us foolhardy, but this is our choice
and what we choose to do – and we would defend our right to do just this
– so long as we are all aware of the possible dangers and we dress and
equip ourselves to minimise the risks.
In poor weather never underestimate Winter Hill. The bogs really ARE
there. The visibility really CAN vanish totally within 60 seconds. The
body surface temperature plus the chill factor for those unsuitably
dressed, really CAN drop to –10C or more on top of the Hill.
DO take care on Winter Hill ….. but enjoy it! Remember. It CAN bite!
taken from Dave Lane
Please be aware
 Please be careful its now getting colder and darker earlier Jake  use’s  high performance clothing and footwear, like Walsh PB Junior trainers , waterproof/ breathable/reflective/thermal layers. in layers we  take Jake’s safety seriously and I always take care when out exploring.  as the hills can be windy , very cold, be wet , misty and boggy. STAY SAFE!
new safety videos/advice
Local Mountain rescue team
I have included the above links for people who need to understand the risks
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  1. Thanks for adding this walk, I think I will try it out in the summer as I don’t think I’ll risk it when it is cold and dark, I’ve been up Two Lads on a bike but I think it will be much easier to walk it.

  2. Love jakes site, hes a inspiration to us all. you have done a great job


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