Wildlife Photography Competition Winner

This particular competition seems to have been more drawn out than our previous Reservoir Photos Competition however we are now at the point where we are able to announce the winner.

I picked the top 3 photos myself with professional photographer Chris Carter (now advertising on the site) choosing the winner and providing feedback for the runners up. All feedback left has been written to be constructive and complementary but at the same time to provide positive pointers (nice alliteration there) to the photographers. Chris offers professional tutorials so is more than familiar with giving feedback.

The winning photo will be enlarged to canvas courtesy of Mathers of Lancashire who are also offering 25% off all canvas printing in conjunction with the competition.


The runners up:

Photo taken by Tony Roscoe

Tony's Photo

Chris’s Comments:

Lovely shot of a very cute, chubby Robin. The background lighting shows a nice sunset and the trees are showing snow on the branches. A nice winter backdrop for a Robin.
So many pictures of birds have them on branches, which is where birds are most of the time obviously, so its nice to see this humorous image where the Robin has decided
to perch itself on a bikes handlebar. Credit to Tony for grabbing this shot, don’t know how long the Robin decided to stick around for but its presenting a lovely profile. The focus
is spot on. Overall a nice shot. The only thing that takes the edge off for me  (as every judge says – for me) is the, what looks like, flash that has separated the bird from the rest of the image.
I’m not suggesting that it could have been taken any other way, especially with a subject that could take flight any moment, but or me it just takes the edge off the picture.
Photo taken by Dave Barker @davefbarker
Dave's Photo
Chris’s Comments:
Another very cute picture. The Blue Tit has been caught at the precise moment of take off, great timing. The higher ISO used here (ISO1200) has enabled the shutter speed (1/6400) to be kept high enough
to freeze the action completely and has also enabled Dave to keep a non wide open aperture of f6.3 in order to ensure a decent depth of field for the birds head. The head and eyes are nicely focussed
and I can see that Dave has used a whopping 500mm focal length lens which also will have helped to throw the background into a lovely defocussed/ mottled background.
All in all a lovely image. Now in many competitions this would certainly gain a commendation if not a win, however the bird looks in an uneasy position. It’s a little too anchored as it is, for ME.
I know its picking at straws but I would have loved the bird to have broken contact with the branch. This would have given the real feeling of movement and an true action shot.
The Winner!:
Photo taken by Bernard Noblett
Bernard's Photo
Chris’s Comments:
Sometimes a picture just grabs you. Here it is. Its a simple, very simple, image that may not have the technical qualities of Dave’s image BUT thats what art is, its a feeling. The snowy foreground,
the heavy sky, the straight line of the land against the sky and that wonderfully simple straight line of sheep. The dark one, which my mind has decided IS a black sheep breaks the line nicely and
the one behind it is just keeping a little bit of distance between it and ‘the black sheep of the family’ That’s the story the image is telling me at least. The sky is a real Turner oil painting type of sky.
I could talk more about the position of the sheep but its just the simplicity of the scene that has grabbed me. I would love to see this image again after a little technical work has been performed. The snow
could be lightened and the clouds given a little more contrast. Despite these slight technical downfalls I am more than happy to declare this as my favourite and as The Winner.
Every entry to the competition was great (we honestly mean that) however it wouldn’t be much of a competition if there wasn’t a winner in the end and we think that Bernard’s Photo is well deserving of being the winner.
We plan on having another competition fairly soon however we are yet to come up with a topic, if you have any suggestions then feel free to send us your ideas through our Facebook and Twitter accounts or via email to info@rivingtonpike.com