Winter Walks

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Christmas is drawing near and as of tradition we seem to love to go for a good Christmas walk. We have walks and bike rides for nice days but we would loves some for snowy winter days. We are thinking of planning a walk on boxing day around Rivington (not nescessarily as a group but the same walk so we can share something of interest). So I came up with an idea, if you would like to enter your Winter Walk send it in as normal, you may have noticed the rating system so score all of the Winter Walks and the one with the highest average number of votes will win.

I would aim to make the walks fairly simple as many families will be looking to try them. Please score kindly, pictures are good but if not a good description will do fine.

Boxing Day tends to be a popular day for Christmas Walks so I think we should set the 23rd as the deadline for the competition, I’m not expecting many enteries so you may well get mentioned if you send in a good one.

Have fun sharing

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